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Cám ơn quý khách  đã quan tâm ,ủng hộ và hợp tác.
Ningxia Fusheng Machine-building Co., Ltd, which specialized in manufacture lathes more than 40 years. We have got Imp. & Exp. right, also 95% product export to 40 countries and regions. 
We are the professional manufacturers in produce metal-craft JG series equipment, product has divided into auto & manual two categories and more than 20 varies. In JG series, metal-craft machine has awarded many national awards,14 national patents, the best title for China patent 15 years chengjiuzhan. 
Company has a stable technical strength, also with strong ability of new product development. Independent development collection light,electricity,digital as one of the 7 new product has been advanced domestic level, and fill the blank of the domestic industry. In recent years, company has push-off many standard decoration iron flowers, to satisfied the booming rise of the modern architecture and landscape decoration market demand. 

The idea and policy of our company: 
Seek existence by good quality. 
Seek development by high credit. 
We welcome the leaders to visit and instruct us. 
We welcome the clients to select and purchase goods. 


HOTLINE 0978754589